Are You Tired of Dealing With Network Repair and Computer Problems That Cause Frustration and Take TIME AWAY From What You Should Be Doing?

Does It Take Too Long to Get A Response, Get the Problem Solved and Get Back Up and Going?

Dear Frustrated Professional,

If you are a business owner, CEO, or manager and answered yes to those two questions than you are in the (rather large) club of busy professionals that want and NEED everything in your office to JUST WORK.  You understand that TIME IS MONEY and downtime is not only frustrating but COSTLY in the form of lost productivity, lost deadlines and lost clients.  Don’t worry, there is a solution and you have come to the right website.

Hi, my name is Diane Craig owner of Incommand.  Being a business owner myself for 20 +years and working with scores of different clients we’ve seen everything that can happen, happen (or almost) over the years from fires and thefts of servers and laptops to simple, preventable productivity delays or missed deadlines. With all the threats and variables out there that can harm our IT environment, it’s more important than ever that we get our network and computers under control so everyone in your office doesn’t have to waste time and can concentrate on what they should be doing.

Fortunately, there is a way to MINIMIZE downtime that doesn’t cost a fortune (even SAVES money in the long run) but does take a PROACTIVE IT approach to the myriad of factors that can cause problems and outages.

At Incommand, we have a list of PROACTIVE IT support services to provide you with much more HASSLE FREE computing, INSURANCE for disasters and the tools that allow us to provide a BETTER & QUICKER RESPONSE to issues that do crop up.

We call our proactive “IT Support Services” IT Trust.

With IT Trust, here’s what we do better for OUR customers;

  • On-going maintenance and IT support WITHOUT the cost of full-time IT staff.
  • Guarantee a response time of < 60 minutes
  • Monthly reports that spell out exactly what’s going on with your network, desktop activity, backups and servers. 
  • A host of IT support services that will get your computing under control, so you can work!

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“Ten IT Essentials To Protect Your Business & Reduce Downtime”

Dedicated to serving you,

Diane Craig

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