Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

“Are you sure that if something were to happen and your entire network went down, that you could be back up and going in enough time that it doesn’t harm your business?”

If not, read on….

The cost of downtime can be huge for both individuals and businesses.   The cost of losing data even worse.  The cost depends on the nature and size of the business as well as IMPORTANCE of what’s going on when something happens.

  • A fruit company can lose a huge amount of fruit as they wait for critical servers to get back up.
  • A lawyer can lose all the work that’s been done on a huge case.
  • Workers can be sent home when orders should be fulfilled.

How long can your business be down??

You may not be expecting a hurricane or tsunami, but what about fire, theft, server crashes or data loss?     

What would this do to your business??

Data Backups  vs  Disaster Recovery            

Data Backup is great because at the very least you have your data.  Getting back up and going, however, can be lengthy work as getting hardware replaced and configured takes time.  If you can be down for 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the circumstance then data backup is okay.    

Disaster Recovery is for businesses where the cost of being down is high and detrimental to the business.   With a good system in place a virtual machine can be rebooted with a recent image of the original server in 10 – 30 minutes.

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