Looking For Reliable Laptop Repair?

Whether it’s hardware problems, Windows OS problems or a Virus or malware, we can help you can back up and going.

We’ve listed some typical laptop repairs below so you will know what to expect and have an idea how we handle them.

Some repairs as we’ve noted below require that your laptop be taken apart and reassembled which is straight forward but typically requires a little more labor.   We can give you an idea what it’s going to take to repair your laptop once we’ve diagnosed the problem.

Laptop Repair – Power Jack Repair

Generally we have to take the laptop apart, then remove the current DC jack that’s there, replace it with a new DC jack and soldier it. This does fix the issue if the jack was broken from general use, being dropped or bent wrong.

Laptop Repair – Cracked Screen

The only way to fix a cracked LCD screen is to replace it. This doesn’t usually take a long time but the cost varies from model to model and the age of the laptop..

Laptop Repair – Screen Problems

Screen problems require various methods of fixing.  Sometimes the screen is dead and just needs to be replaced. In other cases, a component of the motherboard has been damaged which requires the motherboard to be replaced.

Laptop Repair – Dim Screen

In some cases there is a setting that may be ‘stuck’ causing the screen to stay dim.  However, a dim screen usually means a bad bulb which means the LCD needs to be replaced.

Laptop Repair – Power Problems

Various power issues generally come down to 3 things. First, it could be a motherboard issue, in which case replacing it is the only option. Power problems can come from a a DC jack issue which generally means replacing the motherboard, or there is a problem with the power adapter which is easy to replace.

Laptop Repair – Laptop Won’t Load Windows

Not loading Windows can be due to a wide range of issues, but more often then not, it’s the hard drive or some issue with Windows itself.

Laptop Repair – Laptop Randomly Freezes 

When a laptop seems to randomly freeze or shutdown, there are a couple of possibilities, but the most common is an overheating issue. This is usually caused by a CPU fan going out or getting stuck from too much debris stuck in the fan.

Laptop Repair – Laptop Graphics Card Repair 

Only higher end laptops would have a separate graphics card.  Replacement would, in fact, require dismantling the laptop.

Laptop Repair – Liquid Damage Repair

If a laptop was running while liquid was poured on it, it could just be the keyboard that has to be replaced, other times, the entire motherboard needs to be replaced.

Laptop Repair – Laptop Virus Removal

Depending on the virus, it can either be removed or require a format and reload of the operating system to clear all instances of the virus completely.

Laptop Repair – CPU Fan Replacement 

CPU fans usually involve taking apart the laptop to replace.

Laptop Repair – Laptop Hinge Repair

Laptop hinges can start to go bad over time. It’s not often that they need to be replaced, and on occasion they just need to be tightened. If they do need to be replaced, it is pretty straight forward.

Laptop Repair – Data Backup

Backing up the data of a laptop isn’t difficult as long as the hard drive hasn’t completely failed.